peform Chrudim s.r.o.

peform Chrudim is a die forge with a rich history dating back to the year 1958. Since 2010 the company has been a member of the Austrian pewag group which is the world leading manufacturer of snow chains, forestry chains, load and conveyor chains, lashing and anchoring equipment and safety chains. The pewag group has approximately 1,500 employees in 120 countries worldwide of which 90 employees work in the Chrudim plant. Peform Chrudim has been a full member of the Association of Forges of the Czech Republic for number of years.


  • Vericut
  • Vericut Force Optimization


  • More effective milling
  • Advanced NC code verification and simulation with help of Vericut software
  • Independent control on the digital twin of the CNC machine
  • Optimization and acceleration of existing NC code by 18 - 20 %



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