Ray Service, a.s.

Ray Service with its registered office in Staré Město is an international innovative manufacturer of cable harnesses, electromechanical assemblies and electronic equipment. It is also a distributor and integrator of cable components and systems. More than 25 years of experience and intensive development have resulted in a strong modern company that is a reliable and sought-after partner on an international level. The company won two prestigious awards Company of the Year 2017 of Zlín Region and Employer of the Region 2019.


  • Vericut
  • Vericut Reviewer
  • Postprocessors


  • More effective programming in NX CAD/CAM
  • NC code advanced verification and simulation with help of VERICUT
  • Independent control on the digital twin of the CNC machine
  • Operator awareness on the CNC machine using the VERICUT Reviewer
  • Increased productivity through NC code optimization



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