PLM Implementations

PLM Implementation

The team of our top PLM specialists provides complex services in PLM Teamcenter installation, implementation and configuration including integration to CAD, CAM or ERP systems. Our team of programmers expands the PLM customization and implementation services according to specific customers’ requirements and offers the development and management of other utilities for CAD, CAM, PLM and other systems.

PLM Teamcenter implementation services offered

In form of services, we provide either complex PLM implementation or partial sub-deliveries of complex PLM projects. We provide service and gradual development of the applied solution. Thanks to our experience and capacities we provide following services in PLM Teamcenter areas (Rich Client, Active Workspace):


  • PLM ImplementationInstallation
  • Configuration
  • Integration to CAD NX, SolidEdge, Inventor, SolidWorks, Creo, CATIA etc.
  • Workflow
  • Customization such as:
      • Automatic bulk print to PDF
      • Utility for data export and import
      • Tools for bulk data processing and editing
  • PLM-ERP connection to different systems (SAP, Helios, Navision, MS Dynamics AX, Abas, QI, QAD etc.)
  • Extension programming in Java, C++, NET, JavaScript
  • Applications and utilities of NX CAD/CAM and SolidEdge systems such as:
      • Generation of drawing documentation according to specification
      • Bulk conversions (step, igs, 3D pdf, pdf, dxf, dwg)
      • Bulk prints
      • Electrode generation
      • Automatic definition of ramps and measurements for machining
      • Validity and completeness check of CAD data and its attributes
      • Adding functionality to the Open, Save, etc. action
  • Training, consultation
  • Service support
  • Special implementation (Medical Device Solution, PCM, Plant Simulation)

PLM Implementation

The biggest PLM team

We have the biggest and most experienced team of 6 PLM Teamcenter consultants and 4 PLM programmers in the Czech Republic. Over 15 years of experience we have realized more than 30 projects of PLM Teamcenter implementation and have been taking care of more than 50 customers. All our consultants have more than 5 years of experience with PLM projects.

Opportunities for cooperation

We offer the implementation of entire projects or partial sub-deliveries in the form of a fixed price project offer or in the form of operational cooperation on the basis of a service contract. A usual project implementation is remote, we travel to the customer when needed or requested. In order to protect the intellectual property of both the partner and the customer, we enter into standard NDA agreements.

Interested in the PLM support or need more information? Don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to show you more.

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